The US is one of the hottest places to travel to. The iconic beauty of its national parks, tradition, proactivity, and culture is something people from all over the world come to experience. It is a land of opportunities for people from all walks of life to witness. 


It is home to people from diversity who have bought their share of the country and added to its richness and glamour. 

American food is some of the richest in the world. With its cultural take plus the added influence from all over the world, you will find the most exemplary and delicious cuisines here. 


There is no shortage of:


  • Exotic desserts.
  • Spectacular drinks. 
  • The most delicious blend of cuisines.
  • Deep-fried goodness. The likes of which you would never have tasted before. 


We have a complete food guide to help you taste these great dishes on your next trip.



The best foods to try in the US

The apple pie.

The way this delicacy is made is an institution in itself. The delicious tart combined with a fruity and cinnamon taste of the apple sauce gives a whole new meaning to the dish. It is made almost in every household and is one of the most iconic dishes of all time.


The mighty hamburger.

America is home to the delicious burger that people from all over the world simply cannot get enough of. The creator ought to have been knighted or rewarded the Nobel Prize in my opinion. Home of the best hamburgers in the world, you have got to try every variety. With fries on the side, drizzled with ketchup, my mouth is watering just from the thought of it.


Clam chowder.

The cheesy saucy deliciousness of the chowder combined with the sea fresh texture of the clam is a delicacy you must try. We couldn’t get enough!


The deep-dish pizza.

A beautiful take on the Italian specialty, the deep dish pizza is a masterpiece straight out of the kitchens of heaven. The cheesy goodness of the dish is a must-try for all you pizza lovers out there. 


Some other dishes to try include:

  • The Texas barbeque.
  • Bagel
  • Drop biscuits and sausage gravy
  • Tacos
  • Burrito



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